Designing Google digital products, branding, eCommerce, and campaigns




A humanized design language & site framework

The new design language follows the site framework’s lead and carries the KEEN character throughout. Our work includes a new personality-driven design language highlighting bold imagery, graphic textures, and unexpected moments to drive the system, expressing KEEN’s brand promise and position, its products and offerings, and speaking the truth to KEEN’s employees and consumers. This was about making the experience human, and the way in which the site embraces this design pillar throughout the shopping journey is key.


A guided shopping journey without boundaries

The new platform provides brand fans with various paths to product and content based on their intended purpose, and does so in a manner that provides guidance through facilitated discovery. The navigation structure and architecture removes friction, and encourages users to get lost and explore the experiences provided by the digital platform.

Shopping utilities can be found throughout the website, ensuring the ‘path to purchase’ is an easy and differentiated experience. Collection pages were crafted to enable contextual shopping, and product detail pages enable rich storytelling and pertinent information.


An experience-focused responsive strategy

The entire site is designed responsively with adaptations to the user journey across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. Our goal was to provide the optimum browsing experience while maintaining the primary features and site content regardless of form factor.

We implemented a mobile specific navigation, simplified the filtering system, and replaced carousel clicks with swipe gestures. With this mobile-first approach, we were able to streamline the browsing and shopping experience for brand fans and active outdoor enthusiasts who are constantly on-the-go.


A Tribe of Individuals

Men, women, kids, work - the new site reflects the KEEN character across all product categories. Think of the brand as a tribe and its categories the individuals within the tribe. The platform treats category pages as home pages, empowering each category to tell the broader KEEN story while expressing individual positioning, personality, and product offerings.