Scope of work:

John Packer Ltd has had a reputation as a specialist brass and woodwind retailer for over 40 years. Previously we have worked in an advisory capacity with major manufactures such as Trevor James, Schreiber, Boosey and Hawkes and Yamaha.

We were one of the very first western companies to really engage Chinese manufacturing in music and we are now arguably the largest single purchaser of brass and woodwind instruments from mainland China. We used this strength not to develop yet another student brand but to genuinely create an alternative to the well known middle level instruments.

The partnership between John Packer Ltd and the Oves musical instrument factory is another example of the forward thinking of the two companies.  The quality of the production at the Oves factory is well known however with the support and advice from John Packer this was brought to a whole new level. Added to this the acoustic input of Dr Richard Smith from the Smith Watkins company, the "big" manufacturing technical input from Paul Rigget of Sterling Musical instruments and the fine attention to detail and quality from Michael Rath of Rath trombones the new JP high grade products from the Oves factory have truly raised the bar.
Year: 2017
Website: www.jpmusicalinstruments.com