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2012-07-09 美国SOLEXA长笛三折页策划设计印刷



ABA Music, Inc.

Known for innovative solutions, we have a no-nonsense approach to mechanical improvement. While many of the modifications are hard to detect for the naked eye, flutists will love the familiarity of our flute and, at the same time, notice the ease in handling it. That is in result of the ergonomic consideration and optimized mechanical efficiency.

We also kept in mind the durability and serviceability when designing the Solexa flute. For example, finding a quality replacement pad should be easy because we choose the most popular sizes on all of our products. During regular services and/or emergencies, this thoughtfulness will be invaluable.

ABA Music, Inc. brings you an instrument with beautiful tone, excellent resonance, solid intonation, and exacting mechanism. We would like to offer to you a fine candidate for your next upgrade.

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With love for the flute, ABA Music, Inc. decided to build a unique and affordable step-up instrument a few years ago. This new flute would have to be an excellent performer in all aspects as well as having an attractive price tag without sacrificing the quality.

From the material to the design, and then manufacturing technique, we carried out a lot of researches and tests. The final product would prove itself worthy of your attention. ABA Music, Inc., based in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, is thrilled to present you the fruit of this exploration.

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